Virtual Class Room



Virtual Class Room is one of the options for live web conferences in eKnowledgehub.This documentation refers to "classes" and "instructors", but Virtual Class Room can be used for one-time seminars,guest speakers, and other special events as well.  If you would like to discuss the possibilities for using Virtual Class Room for your course or event in eKnowledgehub, please contact our support at

Most classes require students and faculty to participate in Virtual Class Room sessions using microphones for voice chat. To communicate in live sessions, you must have a compatible microphone and headset, as detailed below -- your computer's speakers will not work.

Classes in Virtual Class Room can be fairly high bandwidth.  You must use a wired internet connection rather than a wireless connection.


System Requirements


To run Virtual Class Room, you will need an up-to-date browser (like Firefox 3, Safari 4, or IE 7/8), as well as a compliant version of Flash.  The first time you log in, Virtual Class Room will ask to install an add-in, which is required for optimal performance.

Click here to conduct a Meeting Connection Diagnostic to test your computer's compatibility, software versions and internet connection speed, and to access other support materials.

For detailed hardware and software requirements, please see Virtual Class Room - System Requirements (note that there are different requirements for web conference participants, presenters and hosts).




All users must listen to class sessions using headphones, not computer speakers, to avoid feedback when their microphones are enabled.  If you have a built-in microphone that you prefer to use (such as those on many newer Macs), you must use basic headphones or earbuds in conjunction with the built-in microphone, or else there will be feedback problems with the audio.  Please make sure that you have your headset in time for the first class session.


Test Your Headset:   You should test your headset in advance of your first class.  Your instructor will give you a link to Virtual Class Room for testing, which has  instructions on how to run the Audio Setup Wizard and how to check your webcam if your class will be using it.  


  • < If your Mac has a built-in microphone that you wish to use, then you only need standard headphones or earbuds. Otherwise, we recommend a USB headset, and recommend using the   Logitech ClearChat Comfort USB Headset  or the  Plantronics 480 Virtual Phone Booth (more compact for people who travel), but other standard microphone/headset/earbud arrangements are supported


Before you join Virtual Class Room for the first time:
  • Read the technical requirements above, and be sure you have everything you need.
  • Conduct a Meeting Connection Diagnostic well before the first live session, to make sure that your computer is ready.
  • Visit the Virtual Class Room provided by your instructor to run the Audio Setup Wizard.
  • Familiarize yourself with the software.
  • Read the Quick Start Guide or Watch a video about how Virtual Class Room works.


Logging in to the Virtual Class Room


Web address:  will be provided by your instructor, usually in your class's Blackboard site
Username: your email address
Password: sent to you by your instructor, or whatever you selected when you set up your account 

Set your connection speed every time you use Virtual Class Room
Once you are in the Virtual Class Room:

  • Click on the Meeting menu, 
  • Then select My Connection Speed, and
  • Choose the type of connection you are using 

Doing this will help the meeting host optimize the room settings for all participants.


If you did *not* receive an email to set up an account:

Enter the room as a Guest, submitting your first and last name.

Ask your instructor to send you another invitation.


To change your password or manage your account:

Log in to Virtual Class Room:

Click 'My Profile' at the top right.


What to expect while participating in a live web conference


Your instructors will present information and engage you in discussion, both via the voice over internet and written text chat.

Virtual Class Room is best-in-class web conferencing software, but there are bandwidth limitations on what you can do via the web, so here's what you can do to optimize your experience: 

  • Minimize other demands on your computer 
    • You should not run other applications in the background during meetings, particularly web applications (email, chat, etc.)  These compete for CPU and client bandwidth to the internet.
    • In some cases, other applications will already be using the camera or microphone driver, which Virtual Class Room from using the same driver for the web conference.
  • Minimize competition for your internet bandwidth
    • A wired internet connection is strongly preferred over a wireless connection
    • No matter how you connect, make sure that other people who share your connection know that you are participating in an important web conference, and ask them to not do large uploads or downloads, and not play internet-intensive games, etc.


Additional Information


  • Additional information for students about how to particpate during a live Virtual Class Room session is available at
    Student Link.
  • Tips to help solve the most common types of problems are available on our FAQ page at
  • Tips on advanced topics (such as recording, user roles, etc.) for instructors are available at
    Instructor Link